S30 Airport Information


FAA Identifier: S30
Lat/Long: 44-31-47.4420N / 122-55-46.3210W
44-31.790700N / 122-55.772017W
44.5298450 / -122.9295336
Elevation: 344 ft. / 105 m (estimated)
Variation: 19E (1985)
From city: 1 mile SW of LEBANON, OR
Time zone: UTC -7 (UTC -8 during Standard Time)
Friendly factor: 11

Runway / Taxiway





Airport use: Open to the public
Activation date: 08/1942
Sectional chart: KLAMATH FALLS
Control tower: are you kidding?
NOTAMs facility: MMV (NOTAM-D service available)
Attendance: CONTINUOUS
Pattern altitude: 1344 ft. MSL
Wind indicator: lighted
Segmented circle: no
Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport)

Airport Communications

WX AWOS-3 at CVO (16 nm W):  135.775 (541-754-0081)

Nearby radio navigation aids

VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var
CVOr065/15.7 CORVALLIS VOR/DME 115.40 18E
EUGr007/27.6 EUGENE VORTAC 112.90 20E
NDB name Hdg/Dist Freq Var ID
LEWISBURG 091/15.4 225 18E LWG .-.. .– –.

Airport Services

Fuel available: 100LL & Unleaded MOGAS (non-ethanol)
Parking: tiedowns
Airframe service: MAJOR
Powerplant service: MAJOR
Bottled oxygen: NONE
Bulk oxygen: NONE

Runway Information

Runway 16/34

Dimensions: 2877 x 60 ft. / 877 x 18 m
Surface: asphalt, in excellent condition
Runway edge lights: medium intensity
Traffic pattern: left left
Displaced threshold: no 387 ft.
Markings: basic, in good condition basic, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 2-light PAPI on left(3.00 degrees glide path) 2-light PAPI on left (3.50 degrees glide path)
Obstructions: 35 ft. tree, 785 ft. from runway, 16:1 slope to clear 56 ft. brush, 693 ft. from runway,150 ft. left of centerline, 8:1 slope to clear
+15 FT ROAD AT 130 FT.

2 thoughts on “S30 Airport Information”

  1. Hello. We are hoping to fly down to Lebanon for the eclipse ( I bet you hear that alot right now) it appears from your website that there is no landing fee. Do we still require a reservation if our plan is to be there only for the duration of the eclipse?
    Is there a place to purchase breakfast near by?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Russ,

      Please note that it is highly inadvisable to fly in the morning of the eclipse. All of our reserved spots are taken at this point, so if you are a late arrival plan on parking in the grass on the side of the RWY16 taxiway.

      You will need a tie-down system and wheel chocks. We will have Fly-Ties for sale ($99.95) and a limited number of wheel chocks.

      We will have a limited supply of coffee and muffins. Two courtesy cars will be available for a 30 minute sign-out and we’ll have a van making occasional trips into “town” (a mile or so from the airport).

      I highly encourage you to fly in the day before and camp rather than try to arrive the morning of the eclipse.

      See you soon!

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