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Learn to FLY! There has never been a better time than NOW!!!
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Flight Instruction from Private, Commercial to Certified Flight Instructor.

7 Steps In Learning To Fly

  1. Take a Discovery Flight – This is where it all starts. Book a Discovery Flight at LebanAir and begin your adventure into the world of aviation. With your Discovery Flight you receive a pre-flight briefing to prepare you for first flight, which will last approximately a half hour, and you get the chance to take the controls and feel the freedom of flight.
  2. Start your lessons – Flight lessons include both ground school and flight training.  Your flight training will be given in a Cessna 172, by our certified flight instructor, and you will control the airplane from your very first flight!
  3. Optionally obtain an Aviation Medical Certificate – a medical certification from an approved Aviation Medical Examiner is needed for the Private Pilot (but not Sport Pilot) license. We recommend Dr. Lloyd H. Wiggins in Corvallis, OR.
  4. Make Your First Solo Flight – Your first solo flight is the single most exciting thing that you will ever do! Once you have completed the first part of your flight instruction and demonstrated your skills as a pilot to your instructor, it’s time for you to really taste freedom.
  5. Fine-Tune Your Skills, Build Time, and Gain Experience – Now that you are free to fly solo, you must practice, practice, practice. But what could be more fun than “having” to fly? After approximately 40 hours of total flight time, most students are ready to begin their testing for a private pilot certificate.
  6. Take The Written Exam – The FAA administers a “written test” through an FAA approved Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) center. This test confirms your level of knowledge and preparedness for a check ride.  LebanAir offers a ground school with a live instructor that insures you will learn the materials and understand them.  You also have the option of computer based video home study courses.
  7. Take Your Check Ride – LebanAir considers your check ride a flight that we take together.  All of your training and practice leads to this one flight. Your aeronautical knowledge and skills are reviewed by an FAA examiner to give you the green light to flight. This is where you get to shine and make us all proud.

We are currently using the Sporty’s Complete Learn to Fly video course as the basis for our ground school.  This course will prepare you to pass the FAA Private Pilot knowledge test.  You can get all your Sport’s supplies right through us, because we are a Sporty’s Dealer.


In addition to the Sporty’s video course, we offer supplemental classes, with a live ground instructor who will  give you a more rounded knowledge base than the video course alone.  These classes are held one evening per week, for 12 weeks.  Each class consists of about 1 hr of Sporty’s video, and then 1 – 2 hrs of our instructor expounding on what was learned in the video, and covering other important topics not required to pass the test.  The end result is that students who choose this option end up with a more solid understanding of the required material, and a much broader knowledge base that will serve them well as they start into a lifetime of flying.  (Ground School Course is subject to amount of students that sign-up for the course.  If there are not enough students, there will be no Ground School Course).


With many instructors to coose from, we can accommodate almost any schedule.  Our instructors are some of the best in the area, and have helped many students go from zero logged time, to private, instrument and commercial ratings.  Our most recent student was able to obtain his private pilot rating in a little over 2 months and a total  of only $4311.00!  For a normal flight training, we estimate it around $5000.00.  You will not find high quality (or even poor quality) flight training at prices this low, anywhere in the pacific NW!


We also have a free flyer that will explain the process of getting your pilot license.  It covers what you will need to learn, cost estimate, and will help you understand the process and how to get started.  Also, you do not have to pay all of the amount up-front, our flying course is pay as you go, which will fit into anyone’s budget.  We also have 6 different Instructors to help you with your goal, of becoming a pilot.  To learn more about how YOU can earn your pilot license and get your free booklet, please call or visit us today!  You’ll be glad you did.  🙂



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