Rental Pilot Information Form

NOTEAre you a prospective STUDENT PILOT?  If so, you can use the shorter New Student Information Page instead!  🙂

This form needs to be filled out before you can rent our aircraft.  Depending on experience and hours flown, you may have to do a pre-rental checkout flight with an instructor.  Whether you choose to fill out this form online or in our office, this page can serve as a list of what you will need to provide for our files.

In addition to the information below, we need a copy of your (non-expired) drivers license, pilot license, medical certificate (if you will be flying a non light sport aircraft), and either a passport or birth certificate (if you will be receiving flight instruction for a pilot certificate or rating).

You can print this PDF Pilot Rental Info Form  (print then mail, or bring to office, or scan and e-mail to

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