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Now that you’ve been to S30 and visited LebanAir Aviation (on the web or in person), we would love to hear what you think.  We welcome your comments and feedback. Please sign our guest book and let us know how we are doing.

Lisa wrote at February 16, 2014:
Great website
Simon Ramak from SALEM OR> wrote at November 28, 2012:
I am so sorry to hear about TEBO. He was a great guy. He gave my grandson his first flight, and was very kind and understanding with my son and I when we were taking lessons at your facility. Again my sincere condolances.

Garwin Hadder wrote at November 27, 2012:
We lost a good friend yesterday 11-26-2012. Jeff "Tebo" Kropf died doing what he loved, flying with a friend. Timothy Carter had come down from Portland to go for a JOY ride and while they were up they flew a wing off and that was it. Tebo and Tim leave behind a lot of friends and family that will miss them.
Garwin Hadder from S30 wrote at September 7, 2012:
WOW. Just passed my private pilot test on 9-5-2012. It took great instructors and a helpfull F B O to get this done at 55 years old, while also rebuilding our house.

Jerry Wilken was my primary instructor,..Thank You Jerry.

Larry Knox was very supportive and rents planes at a rate a working stiff can afford.
He also took me flying many times on "joy rides" that were fun and shared his joy of flying. He is a student/pilots friend.
Danna, his wonderful wife, is always a blessing to see and ahe greets everyone so warmly.

THANK YOU Larry and Danna

and then,... there is Two Wings "Tebo" a great help to all. yess I finally did it and yess it took too long Tebo, but where is your instrument rating?
There are many others at the S30
( Lebanon ) FBO that always helped with a word here and there.
A BIG Thanks to all
Garwin " the new Pilot" Hadder
Jeff Pitts from Ontario, Oregon wrote at June 19, 2012:
Upon landing at S30 last weekend, I found oil all over the front of my airplane after a 2 hour flight from Ontario. Larry helped discover that a grease fitting on the prop hub was leaking. He changed the fitting and cleaned up my plane. I tested the plane the next day and had no problems, and flew home without any more leaks.

There is nothing worse than landing at an airport 400 miles from home and finding a serious maintenance issue. Larry was my savior.

Of course I have been at S30 before. Always great fuel price, great support staff, great attitude. I always plan to visit LebanAir when I am west of the mountains. I am happy to write their accolades because they are all true.

This is the best FBO in the northwest, guaranteed.
Ryan S. wrote at May 18, 2012:
I’m learning how to fly and this is defiantly a great airport. My instructor Jerry is very helpful and Tebo is always willing to answer questions.
Roddney King wrote at September 21, 2011:
I really like the place.
Shanette wrote at August 9, 2011:
Beautiful area, accessible, and very friendly!
Ron S. wrote at July 13, 2011:
Really appreciate the Webcam & Weather info account I live in Eugene. Thanks again
Bob wrote at June 27, 2011:
We used New Lebanon as a fuel stop in both directions between The Bay Area and Bremerton. We were able to quickly fuel our flight of three Bonanza and get back in the air.

The fuel price was great.

Our late evening return flight was met with a home cooked dinner, pie, and ice cream.

Service doesn't get much better than that.

Beats the big city airports any day in my book!
Wayne Eckertson from OR78 wrote at May 31, 2011:
A few months back I had landed at Lebanon to buy fuel but my engine would not start when I went to leave; my engine ground wire had broken. Even though Larry had just had shoulder surgery a few days prior, he helped me find tools and parts I needed to get back in the air. This is definitely a friendly airport!
John from BDN wrote at May 29, 2011:
Wonderful airport, great service and as their motto states, the "friendliest little airport in Oregon". I would have to agree!!
Steve from 7S3 wrote at April 6, 2011:
Great airport and very friendly people. I stopped in with my family, and were given the keys to a courtesy car to take an enjoy the town with. All that a small airport should be!

We’ll be back!
Peter from 7S9 wrote at March 21, 2011:
The Lebanair FBO shows aviation's hospitality at it's best. Tebo met me with a smile and the keys to a courtesy car for my weekends use. My plane was plenty safe tied down overnight in the fully security fenced airport. There's lots of very nice items for sale in the FBO, especially those aviation themed hand made lamps. Literally "the lowest" 100LL price as well.
Scott from 7S5 wrote at March 1, 2011:
A fine friendly airport with crew cars. My fellow RV flyers from Independence always enjoy flying here. The cars are greatly appreciated and the staff are always helpful.
Dwain Harris from S12 wrote at February 23, 2011:
Very Friendly airport with GOOD folks. Hope to make S30 my homebase some day.
Dwain Harris from S12 wrote at February 18, 2011:
Great airport an good folks, hope to make it my home base in the future.
Everett- Glasair Sportsman Amphib from On the river near W27 wrote at December 10, 2010:
With weather and darkness preventing further travel homeward, my girlfriend and I decided to divert to S30 for the night. Tired from a long day of flying from CA, the last thing we expected were the keys to a crew car! Nothing like a great FBO helping out the general aviation community. Thanks so very much....we will definitely be back, with friends!
Jess wrote at November 16, 2010:
It really is the friendliest little airport in Oregon!