First Solos

Congratulations to our student pilots on their first solo fights!


Lisa Knox-Switzler – Solo 2014 – Jerry Wilken (Instructor)


Ivan Wolthuis – Solo 2014 – Craig Ulrich (Instructor)



Shirt Tail Cutting Tradition:

After your solo your instructor will usually perform and old aviation tradition, the shirt cutting.  Back in the old day before radios, pilots would learn in an aircraft with tandem seating (one behind the other) Since the two pilots couldn’t communicate very well the instructor (sitting in the back seat) would tug either on the right or left side of the students shirt indicating which direction to turn back to the airport.

When the student could find the airport and land by themselves the instructor would “cut” their students shirt tail indicating they no longer needed the instructor for the

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at Lebanon State Airport (S30)