Rental Aircraft

LebanAir Aircraft Rentals

Our rental fleet includes:

Cessna 172:

1956 Cessna 172 (Straight Tail) –  $80.00 per hr. WET for cash or check payments ($5.00 per hr processing charge for credit card payments)

Tecnam P2002 Sierra LSA (dual glass panel):

Advanced Flight EFIS / EMS plus Garmin 530, SL40, and GTX330 transponder
Tecnam P2002 Sierra (LSA) –  $100.00 per hr. WET for cash or check payments ($5.00 per hr processing charge for credit card payments)

Tecnam P2006T twin:


Tecnam P2006T – $249.00 per hr. WET for cash or check payments using UNLEADED fuel ($5.00 per hr processing charge for credit card payments, 100LL fuel surcharge / maximum fuel reimbursement)

Before renting aircraft from LebanAir, you must fill out a Rental Pilot Information Form, and do a checkout flight with our instructor.   For your convenience, you may fill out the Rental Pilot Information Form online so that we have it when you come in for your checkout flight, or you may wait and fill it out when you get here.  Either way, the online form will serve as a list of the information you will need to provide before renting an aircraft at LebanAir.

Show me the Rental Pilot Information Form

3 thoughts on “Rental Aircraft”

  1. I am looking into getting my pilot license and trying to calculate costs. A friend/neighbor introduced me to S30 and gives high kudos.

    I see that you have a C172 that rents at $80/hr, but does this include insurance, fuel, and or other expenses?

    I am greener than the grass on new summer morning dawn and have no idea as to what I need and/or need to do.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Frank!

      Thanks for the inquiry. The C172 does include fuel (we call it the “wet” rate) and there is insurance included in the $80/hr rate for damage, medical, and liability. We nonetheless recommend (but do not currently require) that you obtain a “Renters Policy” that would cover your personal liability as well as any deductible that you might be responsible for if damage to the aircraft were determined to be due to your negligence or error while PIC (“pilot in command”). Some providers of “Renters Insurance” are AVEMCO, as well as through AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).

      The short answer is that all you need to do to get started is to fill out our handy New Pilot Information Form!

    2. Hi Frank;

      I’m not affiliated with LebanAir; however, I have rented aircraft in the past. Typically, when an FBO gives a rental rate “wet,” it means with the tanks topped off. They will carry some basic insurance for themselves, but you’ll want to get aircraft renter’s insurance for yourself.

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