Great Prices On 2017 Annuals!

LebanAir Aviation
We have some of the best annual prices for your fixed wing aircraft!
Most fixed wings:
$1,100 Base Price; Owner Assist $75 discount
Larger aircraft price varies depending on complexity.
Call today and set up your appointment.
Please read a recent customers comment below:
Comment by Dan Pimentel 2/17/15 – 5 STARS ON GOOGLE!
This shop just finished an annual on my 1963 Piper Cherokee 235 and they were honest about everything. They did not have a goal of holding my airplane hostage, and fixed what needed to be fixed to get the sign-off without an drama or BS.  Bob  took the time to look everything over carefully including the previous AD summaries. Plane now runs best it has ever ran for me, starts fast and runs smooth, these guys must really know Lycoming engines! The FBO was also very cool, loaned me a crew car for the one day I stayed over to help with the annual, and was up front and honest about costs and expectations for the annual. My plane is for sale, otherwise I would say I will be back. If I get another plane, this is going to be my shop for as long as these owners and mechanics work there.
–Dan Pimentel